Question PC keeps blue screening without Windows?

Nov 15, 2019
So it all started when my power went out, at least I presume, that my pc started getting blue screens everytime I launched it. Every so often it would actually let me boot and so on. Eventually it got so bothersome that I decided to completely reset it since no fixes I searched online seemed to help, and in the middle of resetting it it blue screens. When I tried launching it again it said there was no operating system found, so I decided to then make a boot drive on my usb to install windows again. However most of the times I tried to boot into the usb I got more blue screens, and the times I could boot into it and actually install windows, it would blue screen on the restart. The farthest I got was the initializing phase after the restart, until I blue screened and the install was corrupted once again. None of the troubleshooters help either. I'd get the usual blue screens such as memory management and critical process died, but the most frequent one after the reset corruption was 0xC000021A. Ive tried taking out my ssd and my hdd to see if one was the issue but I get blue screens with both. Any help is appreciated considering I have no clue what to do now.
Specs are:
R5 1600 stock
16gbs ADATA XPG D41 ram
Gigabyte GAB350 Gaming 3 mobo
Gigabyte RTX 2060
Corsair CX500 PSU
Crucial MX500 m.2 SSD
Western Digital Blue 1tb HDD