PC Keeps White Screening and restarting

Apr 11, 2018
Long story short, I upgraded my MB, CPU, and RAM kept my pre-existing GPU and Hard drive.
i7- 7700k Vengence 2x 8Gb Ram 3000, AsRock B250m Pro4, 250GB SSD, 1070 FTW edition

I've been getting random crashes and have been troubleshooting with my friend. Thus far we have replaced the PSU to a 1000W from a 600W, put a new SSD, disconnected the old Hard drive, and did a new fresh install of windows on the new SSD. I don't have anything plugged in besides the basic components not even a CD drive, no extra HDD just basic components and an LED strip that I will disconnect next. My PC only crashes when I play fortnite. It will crash in game, give me a white screen, and restart. Once it restarts I start up fortnite again and play normally for multiple games. Once I come out of fortnite and start using my browser shortly after it crashed again. I lose mouse control, black screen into boot screen freeze. I can play league of legends, watch videos, run osbuddy and videos as well as league without issues. Yet when my pc interacts with fortnite it seems to trigger something. During one of the restarts last night it booted without loading/scanning the GPU, I went to dxdiag and it didn't pick it up even though the GPU is giving me video through the DVI port to my monitor. So I was still getting video and the GPU was still on.

We thought it might be a temp issue, I have replaced the thermal paste, CPU gets around 34 idle to the highest 75 at full load with league of legends, videos, runescape, all at once. It does randomly spike to like 59 or 65, it will show this as my max when idle at times even though it never shows it as my value when I am monitoring it. I have a basic Airflow cooler for my CPU that averages 34-45 degrees idle. I have installed the latest Nivida drivers. To be fair I haven't checked the temps for my GPU, we are starting to lean towards it being a possible GPU issue, one I get home I will be running heavenly to see if it will trigger a crash. Yet its still pretty weird as I will be gaming for hours on league or watching videos without issues. Then once I swap to fortnite I'm almost guaranteed a crash. Yet if I reset it and try again I can still play or at times it might not even crash until after I am done playing the game.

Last night I also noticed that Driver Booster was detecting some issues with faulty parts within my CPU maybe, I don't understand it as much.

It said "System Devices KabyLake PCI Express Root Port #3 - A2BA" was Faulty
and "System Devices KabyLake LPC Controller/eSPI Controller - A298" was also Faulty

I include that since that is beyond my knowledge and maybe someone can clarify me on if that is a major issue or reason why I am crashing.

Lastly my system was working perfectly fine prior to the upgrades, and I basically have replaced everything besides my GPU at this point. The crashes have been improving each time we change parts the main issue that fixed a lot of the issues was the swapping to a new SSD over my HDD. Now we just need to get this last game from crashing my system.

Appreciate it if you guys help and ready my essay, sorry its so long but I have gone through a lot of solutions and I am running short of new options! Thanks again for the future help!