Question PC not booting, all fans except CPU working after week of freezing

Apr 21, 2021
Hello! As a bit of backstory, I built my first PC (the one currently giving me issues) in early January of this year. Everything worked perfectly until about a week ago. I am by no means a PC expert so please let me describe the issue.

At first, it was small freezing. This didn't send me to a Windows crash screen or anything - my output, both audio and visuals, would just suddenly stop. When checking Windows error logs, there were no hardware issues, and the only error messages that displayed were crash reports of Windows stopping at the time I finally turn my PC off, which I assume means Windows was still running prior to me turning off power to my PC. This may be unimportant, but when I turned my monitor off and back on, it displayed a pure green screen.

I woke up this morning to find nothing would turn on no matter what I try through the simple list of things I have been told. The CPU fan is the only thing that doesn't actually turn on when power is switched in the PC, although the computer itself doesn't boot anything, not even the simple motherboard logo on my monitor. After around 10 seconds, it turns itself off entirely. It will then continue a loop with a small electrical sound every time it does so. I have since switched the PSU off and will keep it that way unless instructed otherwise.

More than willing to give any other necessary information, just please ask if you need it.