Question PC not booting to bios - no display signal, keyboard or mouse

Aug 9, 2020
Hi, I’m in need of some serious help. I just built my brand new PC a couple of days ago. Everything’s been working perfectly. Been gaming for a couple days.

Last night, I was exporting a clip, looked like it was taking a while, then I remember I did a ccleaner browser clean, and then I did a health check. This is where it went wrong. I scanned, it said my PC was under the weather, I clicked “make it better” and before I knew it, I think i remember it might have restarted, or the screen just went blank and did not deliver a signal to my monitor. Keyboard and mouse RGB not lit, everything else in case is working (all fans, rgb). The ezdebug CPU light is also lit.

I’ve tried a few things - pulled cmos battery for 5 minutes, pulled both sad and hard drive, tried one stick of ram, tried no sticks. Nothing is working. I did power it on and just this one time my mouse rgb lit up. So I don’t know what’s gone wrong.

brand new monitor,
Ryzen 5 3600,
MSI b450m mortar max,
vengeance rgb ddr4 16gb
Corsair cx550m.
Second hand MSI gtx 1050 2gb - light oc in afterburner.

with all these brand new parts and all working flawlessly for a few days, did something REALLY die?

taking the pc to a technician hopefully tomorrow to get them to test mobo, cpu, gpu, psu and ram.

if anyone can make a suggestion in the mean time I would appreciate it, as I’m losing my mind and I’m so upset. I waited a decade to be put in a position to afford a DECENT gaming pc, only for it to die after 3 days.

thanks guys! :,)

Vic 40

First what did you use tou check the pc?

There must be a couple of pins at the motherboard to reset the cmos, can try those as well, look in the manual. Looked and are the two pinds just above the hd-audio connector (JAUD1) on the motherboard. It's called JBAT-1.

Can try a bios flashback using the latest bios,