Question PC not displaying on monitor

Jun 16, 2020
I bought a prebuilt system from Dell that has a 3700x Ryzen and a 5700xt. I've been playing games on it just fine over the past five days. I have updated all of the drivers for the parts on the computer. I woke up yesterday and powered it on to find that my computer would not display on my monitor. The monitor is new as well, and works just fine with my PlayStation after testing it, so I'm almost certain that is not the issue.

When I plug the display port into the computer (or unplug the display port from the computer) my monitor will turn on as if it's picking up some kind of signal. It then cycles through each input, displays that there is "no signal" and goes back into rest mode. So far I have tried unplugging the power cable from the PSU and holding down the power button for one minute, tried plugging the DP cable into each display port on my GPU, re-seating my GPU, and re-seating and dusting off my RAM.

I can tell that the GPU itself is receiving power, as the fans on the card spin up when I power on my computer. I'm afraid that the problem may be with my graphics card, but I'm hoping there is a more simple solution. I don't have another PC to test my graphics card with, and the only video ports I have are the four display ports on my 5700xt. I have ordered another Display Port cable that should be arriving in a couple of days, although I'm pretty certain that is not the issue either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.