Question PC not posting after swapping cpu from 2700 to 5600x back to 2700 PLEASE HELP

Nov 14, 2022
Gigabyte B450 DS3H WIFI Mobo
32gb teamgroup-ud4-3200 clocked @ 3.2 GHz
Ryzen 7 2700
Nvidia RTX 2060
Crucial BX 500 240GB
APEVIA Prestige Series ATX-PR600W 80 PLUS GOLD

I bought a ryzen 5 5600x to upgrade from my ryzen 7 2700. I forgot to update my bios and was too eager and swapped my cpus. Of course, the pc didn’t boot or post and left me with only fans and lights on, no keyboard or mouse or signal to monitor. After doing some research, got the bios update ready on a flashdrive, went to swap my cpu back to my 2700, and boom, same problem. Computer won’t post with 2700, decided to troubleshoot the problems, ended up breadboarding. Reset CMOS battery multiple times, tried shorting the pins, ruled out gpu. The cpu seems to be connected to the mobo pretty well, it’s not loose and is generating heat, so I’m assuming there’s power to it. Mobo doesn’t have any visible damage, worked perfectly fine 5 minutes prior to swap. Everything seems to be in check, ram is seated correctly, tried every single slot, no lose wires connected to mobo, disconnected drives and random wires besides cpu fan and both cpu and mobo power, correct me if I’m wrong, but if there is power to everything, the psu should be fine too, right? There’s also a green light on my M-BIOS chip, which some people said that means that power is on standby. I swapped the ram and gpu with different parts a couple times to see if they’re the problem, but there was no POST with the changes. Nothing wrong with CPU pins, no random debris in socket. I couldn’t find a fix or a good reason as to why the 2700 won’t post. I’m getting pretty desperate and starting to think it’s just the mobo that’s the problem. I don’t understand why the pc won’t post after swapping cpus back and forth, it should post with the 2700 because there wasn’t significant change. Help, thanks in advance.

Vic 40

Took the pc of the power when doing a clear cmos? If not do so and take the battery out for a longer time like at least 15minutes, can even push the power button of the case when doing this for about 30 seconds to make sure all power is drawn away from the motherboard.