Question PC not working after CMOS


Jan 14, 2015
So after a month of not using my pc I went back on it and it won’t work! It gets power but it won’t start at all! So I cleaned set everything back up, changed Ram multiple times and now the fans start up for a second and everything stops again, it does have a speaker that usually makes a beep sound but nothing

so I did a CMOS reset took the battery out for 60 seconds, put it back in held the button for 10 seconds and put the power back on, now motherboard LEDs are off, only the onboard start button of the botherboad is on! Now I pressed the start button but fans don’t start, nothing start just a faint weird insect like noice from my pc/motherboard that sounds like a disk trying to start! The noise sometimes comes and goes as if pc is trying to start and sometimes it starts to flash along with the start button like sfccc sfccc sfccc sfcccc. And sometimes after long breaks it goes sfccccccc sfccccccccc and then nothing(have confirmed it’s not HDD, SSD or graphics card)
replace the CMOS battery, be sure the sign "+" is visible while it´s in place

if this won´t work, disconnect all components but motherboard, PSU, CPU with cooler and fan, one RAM in the slot the manual states if only one is installed, GPU, keyboard

try a different power supply