Question PC Painfully Slow / Occasionally Shuts Down


Aug 5, 2016
Hi Everyone,

I have a PC (used as a HTPC/plex server) that has become painfully slow; and occasionally would randomly shut off. It seems to shut off when I try to multitask or do something that would be percieved difficult (like play a high-res movie).

To rectify, I have done a clean install of Windows 10 on an SSD; but it is still very slow; and does still occasionally shut down. I did a UserBenchMark and got results that were pretty terrible accross CPU and RAM, any idea what could be causing this?


Mar 2, 2017

Screenshot of Hwmonitor. This was while I was copying a file over, but nothing overly "heavy".
It may be the source of occasional random shut off (assuming shut off is sudden power off, right? Not shut itself down)

If it a yes, means your PC happens to occasionally power off, you should check the heatsink, tighten the screw if it is loose, and re-paste if needed.

For the painfully slow system, I have no clue yet, but may related to this.


Dec 13, 2020
I live in China and can't open imgur. I buy burgers for homeless cats so I can't afford to free my internet.
but that's okay. others can see that information to help you.

You must put your cpu under stress to see how hot it gets. Can it reach 100% usage.
you have i5 2700K cpu which is from 2011 and is 95w. I suspect it's getting too hot and you may need to change thermal paste. perhaps the paste dried out and your cpu can't chill. That's why we need to know temps under stress and usage %.

intel cpu stress test is:

here's also intel processor diagnostic tool :

I just use cinebench to put my cpu under load. you click test and it starts rendering a room, then it gives you a score. during the test which last 20 seconds on my pc, cpu usage gets 100% and temps go as high as they reach. nothing will burn, may be your pc shuts down. keep an eye on temp, that's all that matters. The question is : is high temp causing your pc turn off. If so, then we can proceed to re-apply thermal interface material TIM between your Integrated Heat Spreader IHS and heatsink.

make sure you don't download cinema4d, scroll down for cinebench:

download size is much bigger than intel Extreme Tuning Utility, but the intel doesn't list your cpu as valid for it. I'd try the intel first cause it's small, then geekbench is around 119mb:
as description says, geekbench measures out how loud your pc can roar.
I think you own your pc for a long time, and a 95w cpu must be hot inside a compact HTPC.

it doesn't matter how cold the ambient temperature in your room might be, when TIM dries, cpu gets hot. Eskimos can still fry bbq in their igloos.
High background usage around 40% while you did the userbenchmark test. Meaning some stuff was running in the background while the test was doing it's thing.

That temperature is way too high. Could be the reason of the shutdown.

Your issue is with the CPU cooler.
  • Not properly mounted
  • Thermal paste needs to be replaced
  • CPU cooler fan is not spinning


Mar 2, 2017
Thank you for all of the help -- I replaced the thermal paste (it was still the original paste that came on the cooling unit) and the system seems to be performing infinitely better!
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