Question PC passes VGA and BOOT leds but gives no monitor signal

Nov 27, 2022
PC crashed while gaming (COD MW 2), restarted with no issues and went to Youtube, 5~10 minutes into the video it crashes again but this time I'm not able to boot, monitor gets no signal.

I disconnected everything from the PSU, took off CMOS battery, held down power button for some seconds then connect everything and tried again, it worked but just once...

Got the screen "CMOS had been cleared...", got into BIOS, set everything default and tried to boot with no results, still no monitor signal.

And I haven't been able to get to BIOS ever again, I tried the remove CMOS battery again, held down power button for 1~2 minutes, let the computen unplugged for two hours (without CMOS battery), unplugged all power cables from both PSU and components but still no results.

When I try to boot the MB gets to VGA led, stucks there for some seconds, then passes to BOOT led, keyboard lights up and then leds go off as if it had booted but I get no monitor signal.

I don't know what else I could try (besides trying another GPU, which I don't have), I have also tried switching cables (hdmi, different gpu and monitor ports) but no results.

It really buggs me that I was able to get monitor signal and enter BIOS, but only once. What else could I try?

MSI B550m Mag Mortar
Ryzen 3600
ASRock 6800 XT Taichi
2x HyperX 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz
SSD XPG Spectrix S40G, 256GB


Retired Mod
A different monitor? Different monitor cable?

Different display output on the graphics card? Different power supply?

Unplug all drives? Try a different graphics card?

Bench test it.