Question PC performance spikes under heavy load ?

Aug 27, 2022
I have been getting these random spikes for about two weeks. It mainly happens in games with a heavy load like Cyberpunk and Ark. I have switched components multiple times such as my GPU to a 2080 ti and RAM to a different brand and speed. I have also switched motherboards with a spare one that I had. Here are my current specs:

Windows 11
Rog Strix X570-e Gaming Wifi II
Ryzen 9 3900x
G.Skill 32Gb 4 stick @ 3600mhz
Zotac 3080 ti AMP Holo

I switched the motherboard from a Rog Strix X570-e Gaming. The ram to 1 stick 16GB 3200mhz and then back to the 4 sticks. All drivers are up to date as well as bios is on the 4404 version. I also updated from windows 10 to 11 to try to fix this.

Here's how task manager looks under load. Any help would be appreciated. This is a last ditch effort.

Could you post your Nvidia 3d settings from control panel? Have you tried setting the motherboard bios to optimal/original settings? What exactly occurs in the game when you get these spikes? If you use a program like MSI afterburner and monitor the gpu what percentage is the gpu working at along with the cpu?