Question PC ports not working and randomly stopped working while using

Mar 8, 2022
Hello there,

I whas casually playing a video game and talking with friends on discord and encountered a sudden problem my screens both turned black my keybord (with LEDs on) stopped working same as my mouse and headphones i attempted to do a restart wich resulted in the same thing happening at the first second of it starting up mean while my fans keep on running i have looked into multible threads and couldnt find the solution i changed my ram a few times and used a new powersupply as i thought it wouldnt be giving enough power for some odd reason (i can still connect an xbox controlled but not devices like keyboard and mouse) i tried to clear CMOS but either it failed or it dint work (kept the battery out for several minutes and then putted it back in)

gigabyte x570 gaming x (motherboard)
gtx 1050 ti 3gb vram (GPU)
Ryzen 7 5800x (cpu)
vengeance lpx 2x8 GB DDR4 RAM
and a cpu liquid cooler that does not leak checked for that
multible fans ofcourse

i would be glad if anyone could help me with this problem its been working on my nerves for 2 days now.

forgot to mention i aswell tried to update the bios with the qflash plus button and failed to fix my issue


Aug 6, 2019
sounds like a faulty or out of date drivers, or hardware failure. do you have an alternate GPU to test out? unplug all usb's and put only the mouse and keyboard in series ( usb's typically stacked in 2's, most primary usb's are located at the very top of the motherboard back plate, OR in series /tied in with the ethernet plugin)

take out your gpu and check it for swollen or popped capacitors, or "smoke swirls" surrounding diodes. diodes will typically turn to powder after theyve blown and are touched.

could also be an automatically set setting in your new bios flash, i would go in and review your settings there first.