PC Powering On and Off


Mar 15, 2010
Last night I switched out my GFX card and RAM, replacing my long-plagued 5770 with a 560 Ti. After switching everything out, when I attempted to boot, everything powered on, but I was getting no video signal. The 560Ti's fan came on, and it seemed like everything else was getting power, but I was getting a totally black screen. After re-seating the card, and blowing out some connectors I attempted to turn it on again. Nothing. Totally dead.

At this point I took out the graphics card, re-seated it again, and double-checked my PSU connections. Upon turning it on this time, the mobo lit up and the fans spun for about a second, then it powered off. Then it kept doing this indefinitely until I unplugged it. I'm at my wit's end as to what could have caused this, but how should I go about troubleshooting what went wrong?

Specs are:

Mobo: MSI P55-GD65
CPU: i5-2500
GFX: Nvidia GTX 560Ti
RAM: G-SKill 4gbx2 PC12800
PSU: Antec 650W


Nov 17, 2006

did you de-install your old video drivers? if not you might want to re-istall the old stuff and clean those drivers out
then install the new stuff ......make sure (if its xmp-memory) set mem to profile1 in bios - or make sure your memory settings are correct) try to boot

if that doesnt work try booting with i stick of memory .....

if that doesn't work reset bios to defaults and pull the cmos battery for a few secs then reinsert and try to boot