[SOLVED] PC powers on but no display


Nov 24, 2016
So finally after 3 months on vacation i get back and set up my pc, thought it would just work but that couldnt be further from the truth.

At first i got it all plugged in and when i turned it on it started then turned off and kept repeating itself, that really scared me because ive never seen that happen before. To fix that i just put in a power and display cable, and after a bit it turned to post screen saying overclocking failed(that would be my ram, cpu isnt unlocked) and no kb detected.

It also listed all my components: cpu, ram, drives all that good stuff so id assume thats all working. After that i restarted with my kb plugged in the back and after a while (my 5 year old system hdd takes a while to boot into windows) i got to my desktop and it was funny seeing some old programs still running that had slept for 3 months.

First thing i did was look at my task manager and see everything was good (drive was at 100% using some windows service which i thought was fine as it had been powered down for a long time, and my ram had been clocked down to the base clock 1333mhz), then i went to connect to the new internet and as soon as i connected i heard a windows notification sound and as that happened, it hard crashed, as in i couldnt move my cursor or windows key or whatever.

So i did the normal thing which is to restart and now im at this point in time where my pc powers on, but it wont display anything to any monitor. Ive tried different cables (dvi, hdmi, dp) and different power outlets as well.
I usually dont write essays this big but i dont know what i would do without my pc and especially having to wait months to get back.

Thanks for reading, any help appreciated.

Corsair 750w
Intel i7 4770
16gb corsair ddr3
Gtx 970
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