Question Pc powers up but monitor, keyboard and mouse are not working, plus the power button doesn't turn it off

Alessandro Romano

Apr 23, 2015
Hello everyone, in my brand new pc (every component is brand new) when I proceed to turn it on, every led, light and fan inside will start as normal, but there is no sign of life anywhere else. I already troubleshooted quite a bit, unplugged ram and replugged it, tried to remove and place back cmos battery, checked every connection and everything seem to be just fine . I also followed the stick thread suggestions and checked other people's thread with similar problems but didn't quite seem to find a good solution so I'm kind of lost

My system is as follow:
  • Mobo: Gigabyte AM4 A520M S2H M GAA52MS2H-00-G
  • Gpu: nvidia rtx 3060
  • Cpu: ryzen 5 5600x (+gigabyte sink)
  • Ram: Gskill F4-3200C16D-16GIS Aegis
  • SSD: Samsung evo 980 500gb
  • PSU: ASUS TUF gaming 550W bronze
Thank you for the help guys!


Aug 30, 2017
Unplug every additional fan you have except cpu fan and see if it runs then. If no unplug the gpu, connect ur display to the mobo hdmi slot and again see if it runs. If yes go to bios and search for gpu related settings to either give priority to dedicated gpu or disable built in all together.