[SOLVED] PC random freeze/shutdown, no particular pattern on the freeze/shutdown. (Gaming,Idle.browsing)

Aug 21, 2020
This has been occurring for 3 months now. I don't think it has something to do with the PSU since I recently bought a brand new Seasonic 650w gold rated one. (Since I thought my old PSU was the problem). But still, the issue has still been reoccurring. I've been searching for solutions but it is really overwhelming for me since i only have surface background about PCs..
I've done stress testing my GPU and it works fine and doesnt show any weird artifacts on the screen.

So far I haven't tested my RAM sticks, formatting/reinstalling the OS, and testing CPU.
But I suspect it could be the motherboard, cpu, ram, or the ssd (although my ssd monitor says it is on 98% health) my OS is installed on.

How can I trouble shoot or does anyone have any insights on how I can test/troubleshoot the problem?

As for my specs ( everything is brandnew that has been bought 3 months ago):
Ryzen 5 2600
MSI B450m A-Pro MAX (I updated the bios to latest version as well)
Avexir Core2 2x8gb ram 3200mhz
Sapphire Pulse RX 570 4gb
Kingston a400 240gb SSD (OS installed)
250gb harddrive Seagate
Seasonic Focus Gold 650w PSU recently bought

Your insights will truly help me, thank you in advance!