[SOLVED] PC randomly crashing

Jeremy Bordenuik

Dec 29, 2013
my dad recently bought a PC.

I7 3770

asus p8b75-m

16GB ram 1600MHZ

r7 270 GPU

TR2 430W

and he seems to be having issues with it he can play for hours or sometimes even 10 minutes and the entire PC crashes. no blue screen. no warning just PC just restarts out of no where.

temps seem to be good. 35C CPU - 65CPU

Core temp shows the temps are fine.

HW monitor shows temps are ok

GPU 30-70C

we have tested his harddrive. and its fine.

we have even SWAPPED out his harddrive for a new one.

we have SWAPPED the 16GB ram for A new set of 16GB

we ran benchmarks and it will not crash for the life of it.

Seagate sea tools - passes all the HDD tests

furmark - passes no issues

Userbenchmark - no issues.

i would assume it would crash when it goes to test the component that would be faulty. and it dident.

we have Reinstalled windows. on a brand new HDD and STILL the same issue.

we have put NEW Artic silver 5 thermal paste..

we did try a diffrent GPU

MSI GTX 970 Still the same issue.

The only things that i do not have duplicates of and or a test dummie's for is power supply - motherboard and cpu.

befor we go out and buy something els New for this PC i want atleast 70% chance that its the issue. he could be playing for hours. as stated above but if he gets up to go grab or beer or whatever and the PC sits idle In game for less then 2 minutes it will SOMETIMES crash out. Or randomly during gameplay. it will just crash ( randomly restarts no blue screen no error screen just a full Reset like Someone has pressed the Reset button on the case.