Question PC Randomly shuts down and won't turn un unless i literally punch it.

Jan 3, 2020
Hello. I'm encountering a very strange problem. I have a prebuilt HP Compaq Elite 8300 Microtower with only a GPU (GTX 1050 2GB installed after prebuild).I got it like 2 years ago. One year after my PC would randomly shut down (usually while gaming).What i would do is open the Case, and literally just reseat the RAM and the PC would work fine for 1-2 months. I did that a couple times. Now what happens is when my PC randomly shuts down, when i try to boot it after RAM reseat i get 4 continous beeps and the PSU fan blows heavily. I didn't turn on the PC for two months. After two months, the PC worked fine for like 2 months again.Now, that same problem happens( 4 beeps and loud psu),and unless i actually literally punch the case the PC won't turn on. I get many blue screens saying there was a problem and pc needs to restart. I don't know if i can somehow fix this problem or do i need to save money for an actual good gaming pc.

P.S: i also used to have white and black screens on monitor while gaming with pc acutally still operating(rarely though)
Jan 3, 2020
Based on your post and the following link I suspect failed PSU.

Intermittent connection of some sort in the PSU.

Only makes functional contact after punching.

And punching was an interim solution that probably made things worse.
So could the problem be solved if i replaced my PSU with a new one or do i need to change something else. Also what kind of power supply should i get because i really have no idea.
i3 3220
8gb RAM
GTX 1050 2gb


The problem might be solved if you replace the PSU.

"Might" only because the real problem is undetermined beyond the beep codes.

What OS are you using? Check Event Viewer and/or Reliability History (Reliability Monitor) for error codes and warnings that correspond with the shutdowns.

Other than reseating RAM has there been any other maintenance to reseat other components and cables? Clean out dust and debris? Replace the CMOS battery?

For the most part, my sense is that the added GPU and lots of gaming simply brought the PSU to an early EOL (End of Life).

However, that sense must be tempered with the consideration that punches may have had other unintended and negative effects even though the computer would work for sometime after.

A new PSU with higher wattage and ratings may restore performance.

For the most part, I think that you would be better served saving up for a new gaming pc and relegate the current PC to some other expendable uses (with or without punching).

What PSU to get - start with the following links:,4229.html