Question Pc refuses to turn on after my power shut off.

Jul 29, 2021
Hello everyone! Ive had a prebuilt pc for a while and last year I decided to switch out the cpu, gpu, power supply, ram, and motherboard. Today, while playing New World, my power in my room shuts off and my pc suddenly refuses to turn back on! ( when pressing the power button it turns on then turns off within 1 second). Ive completely unplugged the pc after this and waited a while to see if it would cut back on later if possible but nothing worked.

I thought it was the power supply but i kind of had doubts of it due to my motherboard still lighting up (the RGB lighting) when connected to the psu.

The motherboard in question is a Asus Rog Strix z-390E gaming motherboard. The processor is an i9 9900k and a rtx 2080super 16gb ram. Ive had zero issues from the PC until the power shut off today.

Due to this I assumed maybe that the motherboard or the case had some issues. I went and got out my old motherboard,processor, gpu, and power supply to test out and see if my graphics card would work properly(to make sure it wasnt broken). After connecting my all of my old parts ( an i5-6500 , gtx 10603gb , and 450w evga psu) to the power switch in my case, they also seem to not work? They worked perfectly fine before i switched parts a yeat ago and i got Same issue. When hitting the power button the motherboard shuts down within a second.

Is it possible that the wires connected to the power button in the case is causing issues..? I just find it hard to believe that both of my motherboards are suddenly broken / both of my power supplies arent working properly...

and yes ive connected the pc to multiple different sockets in the house and the same thing happens.