Question PC restarting when gaming ?

Dec 1, 2022
hey guys new here not sure where to post, but i need some expertise from you guys.

before i decided to up grade some parts everything worked no problem, games were playing fine no restarts or crashes. left everything stock too. no overclocking of any kind as i dont know how to do that stuff.

once i upgraded some parts on my pc things got a little wonky. everything works fine no problems unless im playing games. like browsing the net, watching netflix and all that works fine no problems.

so i did a memtest already and it came out ok. let it go through all 4 tests. i also took ownership of all files and stuff on windows 11. bios is up to date with current drivers and chipset. no overclocking has been done at all. everything is set to stock. cpu just auto boosts itself only. gpu is set to default as well.

cpu and gpu are fine i believe. did a stress test on the gpu on the amd software and all temps are around 55c to 70c ish when playing games. thats for the cpu and gpu temps.

but when i play games or do a game benchmark it will go through once no prob, but when i do it again it will restart/crash. sometimes i would get a blue screen of death. most times the pc just restarts.

i have some dumpfiles i will attach here. just not sure how to read or open those as its beyond my skill.

i would really appreciate the help guys, im really racking my brain here. thank you guys so much!!! hopefully someone can guide me on what to do!

old specs:

cpu = 5800x
gpu = asus rog strix 6700xt
motherboard = gigabyte aorus pro ac
psu = evga 750w gold
corsair vengeance ram 16gig at 3200mghz
nzxt aio cpu cooler
ssd = gen 3 crucial m.2
os = windows 11 preview

current specs:

cpu = 5800x
gpu = asus rog strix 6700xt
motherboard = asus rog strix gaming f wifi II
psu = corsair rmx 850w gold
corsair vengeance ram 32 gig at 3200mghz
noctua cpu cooler
ssd = gen4 samsung 980 pro m.2
os = normal windows 11 home