Pc sata output


Jan 28, 2009

goal:host system shares virtual disk as an actual hdd to a client system through sata connection.

So far as I can tell the closest to what I'm looking for would be available only through enterprise ESX or maybe through free ESXi. Or possibly through the use of a SAN like environment.

any thoughts or suggestions?

I'm curious if anyone knows of an external device or expansion card for a pc that would allow for direct sharing of a sata HDD or mounted virtual disk drive. The goal would be either to offering direct pass-through of data or to make the endpoint client view the shared virtual disk as a natively attached sata hdd.


Dec 25, 2010
No, I don't think there is anything like that on the hardware level beacuse I do not believe SATA natively supports multiple owners. There are SAS solutions that down what you are describing, you can have shared disks with Dell's MD1200 series sstorage arrays and they are SAS connected to 2 host machines but I do not believe SATA natively supports the same capability. SATA drives are compatible with SAS controllers however and you probably could do what you're looking to do with a good SAS controller with an external port and an external drive array.