PC screen won't turn on after messing with msconfig

Nov 11, 2018
Hey everybody, needing desperate help right now. Recently installed a graphics card into my pc last week, and yesterday before going to sleep I when into mscinfig and decided to make my CPU use all it's cores (if that makes sense). Now this morning when I try to turn the pc on, the power turns on and all, but nothing, absolutely nothing displays on the screen. Can't even enter safe mode or anything. Anybody know of a fix?
This probably isnt the answer you want but This has been a common isssue on this forum where people change the booting cores in msconfig and they get a broken computer. You likely are on the road to an os reinstall. Try to get into a recovery menu boot into safe mode and change that setting. If not you can boot into a ubuntu live usb stick and copy the files off of the disk you need. Once done reinstall windows.

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