Question Pc shut down mid game and now says no display

Mar 3, 2021
So as it says I was playing a game and my pc just shut down then powered on with no display my gpus fans aren't spinning and I've tried changing which slot its in, the 8 pin, the hdmi port my monitors plugged into and nothings working I put in the gpu that I upgraded from a while ago and it worked fine. Is my gpu dead? And if not how can I fix it
Mar 5, 2021
Is your cards heat-sink/fan dusty?
Was your GPU hot?
Any smell of caramel?

Some GPUs if used extremely will heat up if not enough cooling, fans are dusty, and have a auto off feature when reached a certain temp.

If you smelt caramel, well then pretty sure you fried your GPU. Lol Thats obvious.

Other than that, wouldn't be able to tell without looking at it.
Hi Zakj1. What are your full system specs, including your power supply's manufacturer and model number and your display(s)? In addition to your full specs, what are the precise brand and model of your old and new graphics card? Please take two photos; one of your power supply's label, and the other picture of the inside of your entire build, that shows your motherboard and components installed on it. Then upload those photos to Imgur and share the links here. The reason is so I can see the specifications of your power supply and the power delivery of your motherboard and GPU. Question: How long ago did you upgrade to the new graphics card?