PC shutdown during windows update


Dec 2, 2009
Yesterday I received a text message from my aunt stating that something is wrong with her computer. :sarcastic:
I built her computer a few months ago and everything has been going fine until now. She stated that her computer was updating and stuck at 30% "all day" so she shut it down in the middle of it. When she turned it back on she said that all of her emails from march until july are missing. I mainly think that any problem with her computer is caused by the fact that she never shuts it down. Since the day that I built it, I have always told her to shut it down when she is not using it. I asked my cousin how many times a week she shuts down her PC and he told me, if I am lucky, twice a month.

From what I know, she has Windows 7 Home Edition 64bit and is using Thunderbird as an email client. She shut down her computer while windows was updating itself and is now missing important emails from March to July.

After asking her to check her email providers website, she stated that none of the emails are there either.

This Friday I am going to go over to take a look at the computer and see what I can do.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how and if I can recover those emails?

I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong topic, but I am not sure where it should go since it is a little of Windows 7 OS, Thunderbird Email client, and missing data.



Jan 28, 2010
Hi there,

Probablly just going to have to check it out first hand. If the email client was IMAP-4, you may have a chance to redownload them. If POP-3 probably not.
As you said, the loss of email may have nothing to do with the interrupted installation of a windows update.

If there is a problem with a download, check the Windows Update history in Win-7 to see if one failed, that could be updated again. Do one at a time, in case there is a problem updating. If there is a problem with functionability or instability, don't forget the 'Repair Your Computer' feature in the Windows 7 Recovery Environment, found in the Advanced Boot Options, just after the Splash Screen.

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