[SOLVED] PC sometimes blackscreen on cold boot

Jan 17, 2022
I just recently built a system.
Ryzen 5 5600x bios F36e tried F35 still same
X570 Aorus Elite
Gskill tridentZ neo 8gb x 2
M. 2 Samsung Evo 980 SsD
Palit GTX 10606gb
Thermaltake lite power rgb 650w

My problem was sometimes My PC boots Fine to windows with no problem no BSOD. On cold boot.
Then sometimes is boots up then right after windows OS it shows Lowest resolution 1024 x 768 then when I change back to highest it goes back to 800 x 600 then restart and show black screen. This was in cold boot too.
Another time is on Cold boot too, PC just boot up fan spins ram lights on mobo lights on, but keyboard and mouse doesn't light up, and no signal on monitor.
This always happens on every cold, but when restarting PC from good boot it doesn't happen.
This started happening after I change ram model cause the old one isn't compatible. From Tforce delta rgb 8gb x 2 to currently using now Gskill trident z neo.