Question PC sometimes fails to start, and often fails shortly after startup ?

Jan 13, 2022
I'm trying to diagnose an issue and figure out what to replace / retain if I do an upgrade.

The PC has regular startup issues. The CPU fan is very noisy and has been since purchase, it is probably faulty. The system often crashes on startup giving me a CPU over temperature error. Sometimes it reboots a minute or two after startup.

Sometime after a crash, it won't start when I press the on switch, I have to wait a while before it will work. When I try, the network cable LED usually goes out.

I've also seen an issue in minecraft where it would freeze briefly at the moment the CPU shifts up to top speed, but that hasn't occurred for a while, possibly due to a software update.

I tried reseating the CPU with new thermal paste, but it didn't help.

It looks similar to this issue, except for the fan problem:

I think the fan is faulty, possibly also the power supply. Or perhaps it's a short as in the linked post. Thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.

CPU - I5-7600
Mobo - ASUSTeK Intel H270
GPU GEFORCE GTX 1060 (6gb)
Memory - Corsair 16gb DDR4 - 2666MHz
Windows 10
SSD - 500GB
HDD - 500GB