Question PC stopped reading Ethernet Cable

Jan 19, 2023

Basically, My Ethernet port just stopped reading ethernet cables altogether. (The lights indicator weren't on), the ethernet connection just doesn't exist. The first time this problem occurred was back in November (MAYBE because of an electric outage but I can't tell), but it was a very minimum thing, where i restarted my pc and it goes back to normal.
On January 9th, the problem occurs again. Initially i thought it was a cable problem. So i tried a new cable, i tried the same cable on another device, and everything works normally. So it has to be something on my PC.
And thus i bought a USB to LAN Adapter. But using this adapter, it's an unidentified network with no internet. The light indicator turns on, just still no connection at all on my PC. I tried it on another device, everything works just fine.

So out of everything, I asked a friend for help, he was the technician guy on my group of friends, and he tried to boot linux there. Surprisingly the cable works on linux. And then when we go back to windows, the connection was still there alive and kicking. After this, it goes back to normal up until today where everything goes back to sucking.

I have reinstalled my windows, but the problem exist.

I am using Ryzen 3 1200 Quad-core, Nvidia 1050ti, 8Gb RAM, with a A320M-HDV ASRock Mobo.

What should I do?