Question PC stopped working suddenly

Jan 23, 2023
Overclocked my CPU to 3.3ghz this morning, tested it for several hours and it was stable, no crashes or thermal throttling whatsoever. Max temp was 53°C on the first core.

Decided to reboot it for a better result and I was greeted with the "No operation system found..." error righr after POST. I have Windows 10 PRO installed on 2 seperate hard drives so I can switch to the other if one fails in any way. Well, that didn't work at all. It all went downhill after I tried to reboot it with the reboot button.

Right now, all the fans start spinning and HDDs start working when I press the power button but I have no display, no beep codes whatsoever. The system is also unresponsive to any keyboard shortcuts since keyboard has no power even after I switched the jumper to 5VSB (it should have power even when the system is off but plugged in). RGBs on my headset and mouse are working but the keyboard is completely dead.

I've tried resetting CMOS, letting it sit for way past 10 minutes, removing and reseating RAM sticks, trying different RAM sticks and configurations, reseating the GPU and CPU, checking for loose cable connections.

It's a pretty old system:

-ASUS P5G41C-M LX Motherboard
-Q9650 CPU (@3.3ghz, 367FSB ×9, should be back to normal after CMOS reset)
-FirePro V3900 FireGL V GPU
-(Normally) 4+2gb RAM

I can provide further information if needed, thanks in advance.

Alan Alan

Aug 9, 2022
Take a good look at those ram contacts. You may have good ram but tarnished connections. You can use a pencil eraser to shine the contacts. If they come clean they probably still work. Brush off the rubber before trying them again. My computer was 5 years old before I had to clean the contacts. That's all it was.