Question PC turns on, LEDS come on but no display on monitor and cannot boot bios

Apr 27, 2019
ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha
i5 6600k
2 sticks Kingston 16gb RAM
GTX 1060 6gb

I was in a game then suddenly got blue screened with error code: WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR. Got off it for a few hours, came back to restart it and suddenly my keyboard didn’t light up but all the LEDS in my case/on mb were on and q_code 31. I just jumped my PSU so it isn’t a PSU failure and I have also tried resetting CMOS. I know it’s not an HDMI issue because there is no POST

PC Tailor

I just jumped my PSU so it isn’t a PSU failure
Jumping the PSU does not indicate a working PSU, only that it can start and sustain some power, but does not identify if it is supplying the correct or stable power. You only need a 5% fluctuation on any rail for it to be out of spec.

A WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR is Windows Hardware Error Architecture - which is usually solely a hardware problem. It can on the rare occasion be firmware or software, but based on the fact that it just appeared to happen mid game, makes it less likely. And the fact that you cannot POST, means it almost certainly is a hardware fault that Windows simply shut off to prevent corruption, thus leading to the WHEA.

PSU make and model?
Were you running any overclock or XMP at all?

PC Tailor

My PSU is a Corsair CX650M. Yes, my CPU and GPU were both being overclocked using a preset in BIOS that I cannot recall
Posibility that the overclock could have caused something.

Have you tried breadboarding?
Remove the MB from the case, just plug in MB, CPU (and Cooler), 1 stick of RAM and PSU, and see if you can POST. Removing it from the case removes any possibility of a short occuring.

At first have you tried running without the GPU?