Question PC won't boot after turning on secure boot

Nov 1, 2022
Solution is resetting the cmos
Some solutions you can try to reset your cmos:
  • Turn pc off and remove power cable then remover the flat battery on your motherboard for 2 min
  • Turn pc off and remove power cable remove battery and shortage the + and - of the battery holder with a screwdriver
  • Turn pc off and remove power cable, find the reset cmos pins (2pins right bottom on the gigabyte boards (look in manual)). Shotage the 2 pins by holding a screwdriver against them.

After trying one of these start up pc again (bast you remove all your drives first, so it automaticly goes into your bios)

If none of these work. Please don't panic and get a new battery
If that doesn't work, you are allowed to panic. It will probably be a hardware issue.

I hope this helps