Question PC wont boot if a gpu is installed


May 23, 2019
HP prodesk 3330 MT
Celeron G540
4gb ram ddr3
Stock mobo & psu

I got this pc for cheap, why not?

When I first got this i checked the ram slots and pciex16 if there working for upgrade. Turns outs ram slot 1 and pciex16 are not working. I did some troubleshooting, using different ram's and gpu's none are working. PCI is enabled on th bios and did some driver update on win7.

Eventually I remove the mobo to take closer look for damages. Found nothing, but an idiot put a lot of thermal paste on the cpu like icing on cake, i found there are paste on the cpu contacts, i did manage to remove all of it. Dimm slots are working, pciex16 no.

Installed win10, thought that would fix but didn't.

I do get a screen if I boot with a GT-730 and that's pretty much it nothing happens next it's just stuck there.

(I posted on the CPU thread instead of gpu halp mov)
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