PC won't boot up past windows loading screen.


Aug 3, 2015
So firstly I've included a video link to accurately show the problem I'm having. Secondly, I'm going to be as detailed as possible because this is driving me crazy now!


As you can see from the video, windows doesn't boot up past the loading page, the little windows logo appears very briefly, the display then appears to turn off(although the monitor doesn't appear to lose signal to the PC or lose power). The display then comes back on immediately but it's completely black and displays nothing.(this is hard to see in the video but it happens and it happens every time)

I have been struggling with this issue for a while now, the only way I can get the pc to boot is by clearing CMOS, making changes to BIOS settings (none in particular) and also if I reconnect hardware or make any hardware changes that seems to work too. The only issue with this is that it's a temporary fix, on a good day I'll get 3 restarts of the pc with no issues and then it'll be back to not booting windows again. On a bad day it doesn't work at until after a couple of attempts.

There are then the other attempts to fix it that I've already tried: The issue has followed me from windows 8.1 to windows 10. I have updated my
BIOS. I have updated my drivers. I have changed to a 500w PSU. I have bought new RAM. I have reverted back to multiple restore points.

All of this has been unsuccessful. The only fix that did seem to work for a while was rolling back my GPU driver to an older version. I did this because the issue seemed to begin after updating my GPU drivers. Seen as the issue has continued though I have no idea if this was purely a coincidence? I am feeling at the moment that it may we be something to do with my GPU but I'm not clued up enough to make the diagnosis and i won't buy a new one on a hunch.

My hardware and OS is the following:

CPU: Athlon x4 860k
MOBO: gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-wifi
RAM: x2 4GB corsair vengeance 1866mhz
GPU: sapphire dual x hd7790 1GB
PSU: corsair cx430m
OS: Windows 10

As I say though, I have tested Different RAM and a bigger 500w psu as these are what people have previously thought to be the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Try to boot into windows in safe mode, if that works stable multiple times it is a driver issue.
Start with GPU and install latest driver from AMD, can also try latest driver from sapphire

If you cant even get into safe mode then you should just reinstall windows. You can try a repair install first over wiping everything.
First thing I will ask.

Have you any sort of over clock on the x4 cpu if so lower the clock speed of it in the bios or reduce the clock multiplier to a slighter lower value in the bios.
see if your system boots then. If it does it tells you the over clock is too high and is unstable there fore why windows does not load after the windows logo.

What you would do then is go back into your bios set the cpu multiplier back to the previous value and add about half a millivotlt to the cpu core voltage if you have the option in your bios. And test to see if windows loads to the desktop.

Now memory is the same rule, only you choose a lower clock speed or frequency of it.
Then test to see if windows loads fully to the desktop.
If it does, it means the timing values for the set speed rating the memory is running at are slightly too high. again causing windows not to load after your windows logo. If the memory has Xmp mode check that the correct voltage of 1.65 is chosen by your bios because under volted memory will also cause a freeze of windows after it`s loading logo. And that the Xmp mode option is enabled in the bios for the memory.

Your last option is to keep tapping the F8 key on your keyboard when you first power the system up.
If your quick enough you should be presented with an option of how you wish to load windows.
In such a case select safe mode, if windows reaches the desktop in safe mode.

Then it points to a fact that some driver on your system when windows is loading in normal mode is the cause of the system being none responsive after the windows loading logo ok. Then it`s down to you to remember when it all started happening.
You then load windows back in safe mode, and choose back up and restore with a prior restore point to the last one, or the date you remember it started to go wrong at loading windows properly.
And select a date and time stamp of a backup where changes were made to the system by a driver install or a bit of software.
Let windows do it`s system restore and backup. restart the system and see if it loads to the desktop.

If you do this you will find out the reason why windows is failing to load right, and you have a system hang.
Fixing the problem by using all of the advice above in the order of testing things as listed.

The method has never failed me when a system hangs, just after the windows logo and stays black with no desktop displayed on the monitor, I promise you.