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Question PC won't boot with graphics card installed


Jun 14, 2014
Hey there.

EVGA 980 Ti
i5 4690k
Asus Z97A
Thermal take tough power 850w
16 GB g.skillz Ripjaw ddr3


Couple days ago I was using my computer as normal, and it just shut down out of nowhere. I heard a noise from the case and immediately jumped down to turn the PSU off. I then caught the smell of burnt electrics. Fun.

Realised I had to get my hands on a different PSU to test it. It would be way unsafe to just try and run it with the supposedly dead one.

Got a corsair hx 850w and plugged it all in. Tried to boot up and there was a brief flash of power, and then it just auto shut down immediately.

Systematically checked every component.

The computer boots and runs fine with the CPU and the RAM, but the moment I try it with the GPU in, the stated problem happens.

On closer inspection, the power connector on the GPU smells burnt. Even more fun.

My guess is that the GPU is dead.

I can't RMA it as it's out of warranty, and a repair is out of the question as the chipset isn't produced anymore.

Is it worth trying the card in the other 2 pcie slots?

Is there any way to know for sure if my GPU is fried? (Or is this it?).

I'm also wondering at this point if the original PSU was even the issue, and if the GPU simply cooked itself and shut down the system.