Question PC won't go to sleep on its own

Pavel Pokidaylo

Jun 8, 2013
Hello. PC won't sleep on its own. I usually fall asleep watching something and it always went to sleep after media was finished but now it stopped doing it. It's had issues sometimes where it would sleep then wake on its own and I thought it might be my sensitive mouse so I tried disabling it from waking the PC in the settings but it wakes it anyway. No clue what's going on here but it does seem that ever since I downloaded VLC media player is when the problem with the PC not going to sleep on its own really started.

Since I'm about 8 feet away from my PC when I watch I had an idea to order a wireless mouse so I can control it and my friend suggested this...

seems legit

If anyone has some idea why the PC wont sleep on its own or why the hell the mouse still wakes the PC even after I clearly disabled it from doing that please let me know :)

Also, if you know of a better budget option than that keyboard/mouse I'd look at it. It looks like there are newer models of that one but the old one seems to be more popular still.


Oh forgot to mention I've got a Razer Chroma mouse and Deathadder keyboard.
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Nov 4, 2019
In my PC, it goes to sleep after some time UNLESS I have media playing, in which case it stays on. I'm not sure why it does this, I'm sure someone smarter than I will have the answer to that, but in the meantime might I recommend setting a sleep timer? It's been a godsend for me. Open up a CMD and run the command "shutdown -s -t XXXX" without quotes, where the x's are the number of seconds before the computer turns off. You could set one before you fall asleep for a few hours and it should turn off on its own. Hope it helps in the interim! Best of luck friend.