Question PC wont start dead MB or PSU ?

Sep 22, 2019
yesterday after removing the R9 380 4GB graphics card to clean it from dust and sliding it back into the PCIE 16x slot, the PC did not want to run the fans stand board is not lit as if I did not plug the cable into the power supply. so I took it out and stuck it in another PC and there normally works without a problem. so I took the second graphics card RX 460 Nitro 4gb and tried it and also nothing without reaction so I pushed it into 8x slot and PC ran up but today when I try again 16x slot so again nothing happened in the 8x slot and even without a graphics card I took out a CMOS battery for like 5-10 mins and put it back but still nothing happened so I would like to ask where there might be a problem?
The PSU is the Hyper M 700 / Hyper M Series MF700MS
MB's Gigabyte Z97x Gaming 3
(sorry for bad english google translator ...))

cherry blossoms

Apr 13, 2016
Forgot to ask, you DID put the video card specific power cables back into the video card when testing? (this may be a translation issue, just want to make sure )

Just making sure you pulled the video card out when testing the integrated graphics?

CMOS reset to make sure your integrated graphics are the default?

Since translation is involved, I would suggest you search for :

install a computer power supply

on youtube in your native language. The process is easy and may only need pictures / video for you, but if you need narration on any points, that would probably be easier.

Make sure the power supply supports what your motherboard needs.

For the motherboard power supply connectors (Main and CPU) The motherboard pins will be keyed (have a certain shape) for the plastic around each pin, this will match the shape of the plastic on the power supply, so you can align them. You may need to use a LITTLE pressure, depending on how tight the connectors are. If it seems you would have to you have to use force, you probably have the pins not lined up correctly, or backwards. Do not force the pins in. Do make sure the power connectors are fully seated.

Remove the video card for testing and run on integrated graphics. We are testing if the PSU is the culprit at this stage, so you should only test with the motherboard, CPU, ram. If you can get to BIOS, you can start adding things back in to test.