Question Pc works only on the repair shop and not at home.

Jan 21, 2021
So my pc 3 weeks ago stopped turning on. I would press the power button and nothing would happen(no lights,fans). Some times after ~6 hours it would start , other times it wouldnt at all. Once when i got it to power up i tried to put it in sleep instead of shutting it down for the night. Next morning the LED on the power button indicating the pc is sleeping would be on but no matter what it wouldn't wake.Anyways this happened a lot so one day i sent it to the repair shop. Dude tells me that it opened instantly. we changed the PSU cause it was 6 years old and it was making a lot of noise and i took it home. It boot morning after i shut it down for the night still the same problem. checked to see if the psu is faulty,nothing. When my pc is on the repair shop it opens instantly even after 4-5 hours of being offline but when i get it home it opens only when i immidietly turn it on.

Things i tried :
Clear cmos by jumper and battery reset
Check the power button
change power socket in my room and my brothers room
Change power cables
Removed power cable ,pressed PW button for 30 sec.
re-install all things except cpu
Tried to jump start it but no reaction.
Sometimes when i leave the power cable unplugged on BOTH pc and power socket when i plug them back in next morning it works,if i have it unplugged only from pc 100% of the times it doesnt work.

I can send the motherboard back to the retail shop but i dont know if they will accept it free of charge cause there is 1 slightly bent metal thingy at one of the front panel usb ports.

Current setup:

PSU Innovator In07xd 650w bulk
GTX Geforce 1050 TI
Ryzen 5 2600
asrock fatality gaming B450-k4 gaming motherboard
2 ram sticks x4 vengence 3000 ghz
and 1 more that i dont recall the name (ram)

any tips?
I'd guess there is something wrong about the mains. Maybe very low voltage? Power grid in bad condition? Does other equipment misbehave as well? Do you have a decent power tool, then if you start it - can you notice light bulbs loose light intensity for a short moment ?
Sep 20, 2020
Im sure its the motherboard, all of the broken/faulty motherboards ive ever had were because of a faulty motherboard. Just make sure all the front pannel headers are plugged in properly and in the right sockets. Also try shorting the power buttons on your motherboard with a screw driver (Look up a youtube video on that). If that works then it might be a broken power button on your pc case...
Jan 21, 2021
I would check the outlets (or if you don't know how....have them checked) to make SURE that the ground is INDEED a ground.

"change power socket in my room and my brothers room "
try some other outlets too
how do i make sure that is grounded? i also closed the power on the house for a min or two and then re-activated. still nothing.

also tried diffrent outlets as well.

i dont have a way to measure voltage , everything else is working , my brothers pc works as well.

when i start it i dont see any lights at all not even the ethernet cable light
i dont use a ups no , its too costy to just try it out ,i could just buy a new motherboard instead.
As i said i already tried sorting the power button pins (jump start the motherboard) but nothing happend.

How do i make sure the outlet is grounded? i have placed my pc on top of a wooden structure, my power cables are touching a carpet thought dunno if thats a problem or sth