Pcie 2.0???


Aug 19, 2009
HI guys I have a motherboard that has a pcie 2.0 slot and im running a 8800gt. I was unsure when i read a forum i stumbled on (dont remember) that guy said one of the benefits of pcie 2.0 is that you can run your video card without using a 6pin connector if your using pcie2.0.Is this true?
I dint exactly know how it works but as far as i know the power circuits on the cards are designed to draw x from the slot and x from the power cable.
I'm pretty sure this is why you cant just not use the power cable, my understanding was that its possable to know design a card that could take all the power from teh slot but this would make it compatible with 1.1 slot Motherboards of which there are plenty still about.