PCIe 4.0 May Come to all AMD Socket AM4 Motherboards

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Do we even have 1% of people complaining about PCIe 3.0 yet? Sure, we have NVMe drives maxing out 3.0x4 but does it really matter? While PCIe 3.0 NVMe has 5-10X lower latency and 6X as much bandwidth as SATA, games and applications only load 10-20% faster so 4.0x4 isn't going to be particularly helpful for everyday use until there is a paradigm shift in how software loads stuff.

Consumer-wise, it is still nice to see PCIe 4.0 get in the mainstream before IO becomes a legitimate concern for a meaningful number of people.




I doubt PCIe bandwidth has any meaningful impact on GPU-accelerated transcoding since PCIe 3.0x16 can handle raw 4k60 at ~3X real-time and many times more than that with light compression on the input stream(s), more than fast enough to overwhelm GPUs for the foreseeable future.


May 20, 2017

PCIe v4 definitely won't have an impact up through the NVIDIA 2080 Titan. Perhaps when the 3080Ti comes out it'll matter. :pt1cable:

What will happen and disappoint people is that any current motherboard which is capable of using this will only do so only with the slot closest to the CPU (and that will be hit and miss). If you are putting your GPU there, then anything PCIe v4 in the next slot won't even get a chance to be v4. It'll revert back to v3.

Until a new motherboard comes out specifically stating it will work for the second or further slot as v4 speed there will be no chance of simultaneously having that nice GPU in first slot and also something v4 in a slot further out from the CPU (and those will probably have an active bridge of some sort).

Not really most people that complain don't really have issues. I was just mentioning you get more bandwidth.