Question performance increase with hot nand is there also in SATA SSD? nvme and non nvme differences. secure data stored with hot SSD with lots of writes.


Jan 22, 2022
I have to change the SSD, over time I have noticed that on my SSD when I am programming and the nand memories heat up (60 degrees) the performance increases slightly. does this also happen in the nand of SATA SSDs? In terms of programming and rendering, what are the differences between an nvme SSD and a non-nvme one? last question: I know that working many hours a day with SSD with nand that even reaches 65 degrees represents a risk for the data, this SSD would be my secondary where I have stored all the most important data that I reuse, so I ask you how I could continue to work a lot in writing with hot temperatures having a minimum of security not to lose / damage the data stored on the SSD itself. for example, according to the fact of partitioning the ssd on one side with files and on the other with programs (visual studio, Blender) would it be a good idea in this regard?


where do you recommend me to do the backup?
The basic backup concept is 3-2-1.
3 copies, on at least 2 different media, at least 1 offsite or otherwise inaccessible.

A couple of common fails in peoples backups are not getting everything. And then, not knowing how to recover.