Question Peripherals Stopped while Updating windows (also with uninstalling drivers)

Jan 18, 2021
This Happened 2 Times now, the first time my peripherals stopped is when I was updating windows 10 from 1909 to 20H2 all my peripherals stopped the only thing was the screen moving okay but since I can't do anything I decided to close it by power button (since there's nothing to do anymore), then I got BSOD so I did a system restore (before the update restore point) so everything was fine but I still would not touch the update button, now the 2nd time which is today, I was uninstalling my tablet driver (Huion 420) and then after the uninstallation, my peripherals stopped so I used the power button to turn it off, and once again I was BSOD, same thing I did a system restore, now I'm trying to figure out something yet to no avail so is there an explanation/fix for this?

do I wait a certain time?
or something?

I also came up with an idea I don't know if it will work but
but is there an automatic shutdown or something that I can set to a time
so when I'm updating and it's finished ill just have to wait since my peripherals will just stop working

(by peripherals I mean my mouse, keyboard,tablet, and RGB mouse pad)
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