Peripherals stops working after boot. Messed with Ram and it booted but 5 mins later BSOD.

Feb 9, 2019
Hi guys,

I have a 7 year old that started giving me trouble a few weeks ago.

The issue started a few weeks ago. When I turned on the PC after the windows screen, all peripherals, including monitor, mouse, and keyboard would lose connection with the PC. At first I thought it might have been a recent windows update that's causing the issue, so I did a system restore which worked for the time being. Also not shutting the PC down or restarting prevented the issue from happening for a few weeks.

This happened again today after I turned the PC back on after a trip, but the PC will not start normally no matter what I tried. At this point I am thinking there might be a problem with either the mobo or the PSU, but just in case I thought I'd test the RAM. I removed the RAM chips and reseated them which worked for about 5 minutes before the PC went BSOD with the reason being Critical Process Died.

Once that happened every time it tries to load windows it would BSOD with the same error. I can no longer go into safe mode as now it also causes the BSOD. I tried sfc /scannow in command prompt but it said Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation. Also tried Chkdsk which also failed due to write protection.

I've also tried replacing the CMOS battery which did nothing. System restore doesn't work anymore either as it does not let me select the drive with the OS even though the BIOS recognizes both my SSD and HDD as connected to the PC.

At this point I am out of ideas. Originally I thought it was the Mobo or PSU but now I am at a loss to what the issue could be. One other piece of info, in the past few weeks there have been some crazy rain in my area that caused some powerspikes (power goes out and comes back on half a second later) which is why I thought it was the Mobo or PSU.

My Rig:
Ivy Bridge i5
MSI Mobo
PSU Corsair GS 800
2x RIPJAWS 2 gb
2x Corsair Vengence 4 gb
Crucial 480 gb SSD
Hm... when you're able to get into Windows desktop can you save a new file onto the boot drive? What you describe sounds similar prior to when my USB stick died; can read from it but can't write.

I'm sure others will have additional thoughts.

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