Phanteks Eclipse P300 Case Review

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Feb 20, 2009
Although it would add a significant amount of testing, I would think that adding an intake fan to give users a better idea of the performance capabilities of this case. I understand out of the box testing, but also testing all cases configured similarly. For example, a single fan for intake and exhaust.
One of the things that would have made this article a bit better is "apples and apples". When I look at CPU cooler reviews. I think, well didn't they go a bit overboard because the manufacturer did decide to supply this cooler with the fans they did, and it's unreasonable to make a consumer buy a cooler but to get it to work right, they need to replace the fans.

On the other hand, a case manufacturer may supply a case to hit a certain target price point ... but, as in this case, they also provided (4) additional fan mounts. So, in order for me to evaluate the viability of this case, when you choose too compare it with two other cases, both of which have (2) fans installed, I'm left typing "Eclipse P300 Case Review " in the web search window looking for a review that is relevant and comes the cases on equal footing.

Yes, out of the box testing is relevant, but w/o a standardized platform (2 intakes / 1 exhaust) for apples and apples comparisons, it doesn't tell me anything I need to know. And yes, we want more inatkes than exhaust because w/o that, the resistance from the air inlet filters will mean less air in that out. And that means not only dust carrying in dust but that dust will most likely be carried in by PSI and GFX card exhaust thru the rear case grilles.


Oct 22, 2006
No Type-C now in 3Q17 !!, it should be already there in early 2017 not to mention now with both Ryzen and Intel's 8th gen natively support USB 3.1 g2..


Jan 29, 2014
I purchased a phanteks enthoo pro for my last build a couple years back and fell in love with it immediately. Phanteks makes a clean build easy to do and I was able to fit everything with room to spare. Went with a MSI z97 gaming 5 mobo, i5-4690k OC'ed that is air-cooled with an master cooler 212 EVO, MSI GTX 970 and 16gb 1866mhz RAM. I also put a red LED strip on bottom and added 2 red LED phanteks 140mm fans to the top. Everyone who sees it compliments me.
Will most likely purchase phanteks cases from here on out.

My one and only complaint is with the power button design. It is very common for it to get stuck when pressed and cause boot errors. This is because it is elongated and if you push off center, it can catch. I have to always press it with both index and middle finger to ensure it goes down evenly. This entry level tower looks to have the same button design. Don't let that deter you though...just be aware. The MANY pros out-weigh the one con.


Oct 10, 2017
Not listed in the best PC cases?? That's easily the best case for 60$ ! And who really wants those ugly pre-installed fans anyway?..
Also, since when is i5 a budget CPU? C'mon...
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