Question [Phone] Storage Help (Samsung J7)

Apr 21, 2019
So i have this phone a Samsung J7 and it's storage is [language] up. This phone has 16gb of total storage, and the System Storage takes 15gb which is stupid. So it leaves me a 1gb of available storage, after some time the 1gb got full, so i bought a SD Card to have more storage. The problem is i can't install apps and direct it exactly at the SD Card. I tried everything, it just seem stupid. I even tried to pass data from my other phone (connecting the SD Card) to the phone i was talking and when i opened it, the file i transfered is not there. Also when i'm installing APK it says "Parse Error".

It's just ****ed up at this point. I can't do anything with my device rather than watch YouTube Videos because YouTube is the only app i can interact with.

The details of the device is:

Device Name
Samsung J7
Model Number
Android Version
Kernel Version
KNOX Version
KNOX 2.4

Please help, i feel useless at this point.
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Math Geek

android will allow some app data to be moved to the sd card but normally it won't allow a full move to free up space. this is one of the things people "root" their phone to accomplish.

you will have to delete some apps from the phone to free up some space so it will work again. never looked into rooting the j7 so don't know if it can be or not. but for now, you'll need to delete anything you don't need right now so you can use it.


Samsung has 'disabled' the ability to use SD cards as internal storage because cheap SD cards cannot handle the increased r/w load and sooner or later fail causing a loss of all data on it.

Move Pictures, Videos, Music, Documents, and every App you can to the SD card.

The only real solution thou is to jailbreak your phone so that you can enable adoptable storage (formats & encrypts your SD card as internal storage) or to get a phone with more internal storage to begin with.

If you got he Adoptable Storage Route, be sure to get a SD card that can handle high R/W workloads (= high endurance) and to backup your data often.
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