Ping spikes when playing games


Apr 14, 2014
Whenever I play an online game (any) it has ping spikes anywhere from 300 to 1500 ms. Sometimes it happens more at certain times of the day. It has only started happening when I moved in and set up my PC in the apartment. I did a ping test to google when I was on my desktop and there was no ping spike. When I connected to a game, the spikes started showing up in the google ping test and in the ping in-game. I don't know if that would help identify an issue at all, but I thought that it was interesting that it only happens when I play a game. Please don't say that "its just an issue on the game servers end" because it does it on every game and that won't help me at all regardless.

I've had spectrum come over and I have called them around 8 times and they said it has nothing to do with them or the router. The spectrum guy that came said to try to set up an access point with my old router that I still have, but I'm not really sure what he meant? He knows that there is no Ethernet in the router (I use spectrum community wifi) and I can't figure out how to make my router an access point. Even then, he said it might not fix it. Can anybody help? Its getting ridiculous honestly...


You will almost never be able to wirelessly game well in a dense environment like an apartment building, too many users overwhelm the limited number of wireless channels available and create interference with your network. A few years ago 5GHz was the answer but now most people have upgraded so that is pretty congested too.

The problem is most certainly NOT on the game server end. The problem occurs primarily with gaming because it is the most latency sensitive application type.

If you cannot get your own service, like DSL, then you should discuss with the apartment IP person if they have one getting another access point placed nearby your apartment (which they probably won't do but it's worth getting them involved).

Check the surrounding wireless channels using a free cellphone wifi analyzer app or the free version of inSSIDer from HERE. Perhaps you can try connecting to specific different channels to find one that is an improvement.

For gaming, any kind of wireless extender is usually not helpful and just introduces increased latency.