Question Planning a new build with current storage drives

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Nov 16, 2020
I am planning a new gaming pc build for early 2021, and I was wondering if I was able to just slap on my current drives on my future PC and use it normally. (after uninstalling and installing the right drivers)

My current storage system is a NVME SSD (boot drive with a couple apps), HDD (lots of videos and pictures and a couple apps), and an SSD (games drive)
I am currently pirating windows and planning on buying windows along with this future build, but there are still many things I am confused about.

Basically my questions are:
Which drives do I have wipe (or clean windows install) for my future pc to act normally? If I do have to wipe some or all of my drives, what would the process look like? What are some good programs to use to create a backup onto an external drive?

Thank you all in advance.


You should wipe the OS drive and the install Windows, with the other drives disconnected. The HDD won't need to be wiped (though the apps might now work) nor will the SSD (Steam games are cooperative about moving drives, but many games aren't otherwise, so some things will likely need to be uninstalled).

You don't have to steal Windows. Windows allows you to use it unregistered, with only a few limitations (personalization, watermark) on use until you pay for it. Do not slap in an OS drive into a new build.

After you have successfully installed a legitimate Windows, even if unregistered, please let us know and we'll try to answer any additional questions. This is the limitation of the assistance we can provide at this time.
Not open for further replies.