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Mar 11, 2011
if some motherboard support phenom II and even the am3+, but the maximum TDP was just 95W, will there be any problem if i install phenom II 1055T (max tdp 125W)? If it does not support more than 95W, dont u think it is useless making an am3+ socket but very limited support? Most amd powerfull processor use more than 95W. There must be some tricks.

The motherboard im talking about is Asus M5A78L-MLX.


Jul 8, 2011
You need a motherboard that can provide up to 125W power at least to use the Phenom II's that are TDP 125.

If your MB can only do 95W then you have to go with a CPU 95W or under. Overclocking typically uses even more W than running at normal speeds.

vortex 752

Jan 18, 2012

what are you want from micro ATX motherboard.there is always limitation on maximum TDP.but you are wrong about maximum TDP on M5A78L-MLX.on newegg you will see that maximum TDP on your motherboard is 125W.DO YOUR RESEARCH.
Hey!! Newegg isn't the Manufacturer. It's just a trader, and, their specs do mess up quite a few times.
The Asus site says you can only use a processor upto 95W TDP. The board is not capable of powering the 125W you might need. Which will lead to either reboots under load or then decrease the life of both the Mobo and the CPU.

If you check the CPU Support list, then it seems that AMD has a 1055T that is 95W.
You have a choice to choose which processor you want to put in.
Phenom IIX6 1055T(HDT55TWFK6DGR),2.8GHz,95W,rev.E0,SocketAM3,6-Core .

So if you can manage to get that Part No. for the 1055T model, then you're in luck, if you're not that lucky , means you need to get a new mobo.
It would be easier to ask the dealer to get you exactly that particular model and be specific, even the AMD website states it has models in variable TDP

Try your luck.