Question Please help a small mom and pop shop


Nov 8, 2016
So i work for a small family run business. I do I.T. , handle the fleet , i run smaller jobs and i am also a sprinkler fitter when need be .

I have been taking care of this network for a few years and this forum has definitely allowed me to handle some things that were beyond my skill set . I ran into a large problem 3 days ago and I scar patched to get users up and working . This weekend I would like to resolve the issue correctly .

So what I need to know is the correct settings or set up for the ethernet . I'm going to describe the network first and ask my questions after.

Main server is - Amhost
Inside AMHOST I have (2) Hyper V drives

the first is AMDC01- This acts as our DNS server , It is also where most of the shared folders are about 1.52TB of data in total with roughly 5/6 shared folders

the second is AMQB01- This is where our Quickbooks file is stored . I also run QB file doctor and QB database manager .

SO my problem is the DNS server has been very shaky .. Users are losing connection periodically , Our phones that are IP phones have been working and after they sit for a few they stop working .

The last thing you may need to know is the DHCP server is the firewall .

So the server has 3 Nics and 1 virtual NIC... I have them all set up to obtain there own Ip address ....and pointing to as preferred DNS server

When i log into AMDC01 and go to network settings , I have this set up as the DNS server with ip address
On the other nics for AMhost they all look to this IPaddress as the DNS server .

when i log into QB01 i have this set up as

I think this is causing the issues . The problem is I am not sure how these nics should actually be set up . I am not even sure if the nics for amdc01 or amqb01 actually exist since they are only hyper Vs ... so maybe i should just disable .

verizon is our internet provider... From the verizon box i go into a net gear firewall , From that firewall i run to switch 1- On switch 1 i have the server with 3 actually nics, i have a NAS,i also have a wireless router , then i jump from switch one and connect to switch 2, Switch 2 has all the workstations and printers from the jackbox.

Do the NIcs on Amqb01 and amdc01 need to be set up or should i disable them considering they dont actually exist .
Is it correct that amdc01 is set as considering it acts as our DNS server and thats the IP address i point all actual nics from AMHost .

I am going to be here this weekend ... i will keep trying until i figure out the correct set up . I am just hoping that someone can lead me in the right direction ....

Everything was working great up until 3 days ago ... I came in and had a linksys switch blinking blue ... So i replaced the switch but before replacing the switch i made some setting changes on the NICs and i didnt copy down the original setting first . So im not sure if i screwed something up . I was just trying to get the users back up and running as soon as possible.

OK i hope someone here can help me out ... If you need further info please ask. I will be happy to provide anything you need .

Thanks again everyone