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Question Please help (PC bootloop with no signal on monitor)

Jun 9, 2020
Hi,the problem is that when i press power up there is this infinite bootloop with no signal on monitor,i tried to unplug and replug the ram a few time and after a while the pc started all ok worked fine,i turned it of and went to bed, the next day the same problem, i tried to change slot ram but nothing,i tried to buy another ram but didnt solve,so i think that is a motherboard problem but im not a technician so im not sure, what do you raccomand to do?


Welcome to the forums :D

FYI one post will do, copy posts are merged.

this is the no boot troubleshooter, go down the list every step, at step 17, how many beeps you getting? do you have the speaker connected to the front panel header as described in step 17?

if you need a speaker for diagnostics and are feeling creative you can make one for testing

canned diagnostic speaker rant: speaker making 101
The diagnostic speaker is the motherboards main diagnostic feedback device.
the motherboard may be telling you where the problem is.
my speakers have this plug
I use lamp wire but any stranded wire will do. literally any stranded wires. strip one end like so
attach the stripped end into the speaker spring clips on the speaker.
the other end of the wire should be trimmed like so the semi strip
by doing a semi strip the wire case is now the socket.
plug one wire to the first pin, and the second onto the fourth pin.
power on the system and listen for beeps
end canned rant

and now a word on grounding, always ground yourself before and during working inside a computer.
Canned Grounding Rant-
shut down system and remove side panel. with the power cable plugged into the PSU touch a bare unpainted metal area of the case. (my favorite spot is an unpainted screw securing the PSU) once you have grounded yourself you can unplug the computers power cable from the PSU and can touch the system.
if you move your feet, or shuffle in your chair, plug in the cord, reground yourself and unplug again.
end canned rant-