Question Please help your helpers

Their seems to be a lot of users at the moment who are posting threads and not following them up.
If you ask for help you need to give as much information as possible , its no good saying something like ...... my rig gets hot what can i do.
You need to say exactly what you were doing at a time when the problem happened and any error reports in reliability monitor.
If you are asked for system information you need to supply it and if your not sure whats inside your rig just download and run belarc advisor it will tell you things you probably did not know.
Another thing i see is users posting the same question every few days , your thread will very quickly move off page 1 because this is a popular site so you need to chase it.
The best way to keep tabs on your question is to click on the bell signal at top right or tick the 2 options boxes below where you type.
If somebody answers your question please reply.
If you dont help us with the required information we cant help you !

NOTE TO MODERATORS ...... is it possible to pin this to page 1 so it stays their for a few days.


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Most of the people who are posting threads also aren't the ones reading this :)

lack of information in posts is also something we are aware of. First question is often, what are the specs. People think you know what they have. If question lacks too much info it might just vanish.
Device manager can show a lot about your system too.
forums should auto follow you in any post you start, and tell you of replies, in that Bell (alert) area.

Stickies don't work, people don't read them... we have all learned that. I have enough of them on here. People still ask questions I covered 3 years ago :)
We can't pin anything to front of New posts as its actually the result of a search... its complicated.