Aug 15, 2006
hi sir
i have upgraded few components of my computer. even though they will not be that good but still i will upgrade now component by component.
asus p5b-e
pentium D 820 (2.8ghz)
256mb DDR2 533
X700 Connect 3D 256mb
320gb Seagate SATA HDD
Sony 16x DVD Writer
msi tv@nywhere
470W tru2 thermaltake

well i know u guys will be thinking with such less ram what can i do but i will upgrade soon to 2gb. for now i want to ask that whenever i enable my onboard lan card, my system hangs frequently. thus i disabled it and my system is running flawlessly. what can be the problem? is there any solution for it apart from RMAing it? cause it will take so much time and i wont have any pc :(. i have upgraded my bios to the latest one available on the asus site. hope to hear from u soon. thanks.


Jan 20, 2007
Other then RMA'ing the board you can check\do the following:
-Try different drivers for the NIC
-Try disabling any Firewall and see if the NIC works
-Download ASUS system check and see if it finds a problem with your NIC
-Purchase a NIC and just run you network thru the new one (keeping the onboard disabled).

Hope that helps... Best of luck