Plz suggest me "Best" GPU suitable for my Rig....


Nov 19, 2012
i have

Processor :- i7 - 3770k

Mobo :- Asrock z77 Extreme 6

RAM :- Gskill Ripjawx 1600Mhz

PSU :- Seasonic s12II 620W

Cooler :- Cooler Master Hyer Evo 212

SSD :- OCZ vertex 120Gb

can any1 suggest me the most suitable GPU for my configuration ??

and also suggest me why have yew selected that GPU, i mean cons. and Pros.

Oh i almost forgot..... my budget is around 24K INR



Oct 20, 2012
Nvidia 670 or 680 if you are doing a home theater type of setup, i.e. working off a LCD, LED or Plasma TV

ATI SLI x2 7870 (you'll need a better powersupply), or one 7870/7970 if you are doing a regular multimonitor setup.

When it comes to GFX, don't go cheap, spend money on a good one with a good fanset. The ones with the single stock fans are just way too loud.


Sep 30, 2009
Nvidia GTX 670 - it's almost as good as a 680 and much, much cheaper.

Also, many brands of 670 like the ASUS ACUII can be overclocked to match the 680 and they actually use the 680 board.

I'd stay away from ATI, I used to be a big ATI fan but this generation of cards seems to have quite a few problems.
Hmmm, about $437...
That depends on what you'll be doing. You've got a powerful CPU; if you'll be using it for rendering or other similar applications, see if they can be accelerated by GPGPU processing, then select whichever company (AMD or nVidia) does best with that program.
If you're playing games, either a GTX670 for around $375-$400, or a HD7970 for $400-$420. The latter may be a little stronger, but I saw some links recently dealing with frame times indicating the former may be smoother. In the US, both come with some free games; I don't know if that's true in your market, and of course your prices may vary. Your PSU is enough for either of these.

I just had to but in, But not all stock fan designs are loud.. only the 480s and older gen cards to my knowledge are loud and that was because they were hot cards. my 670 is barely noticeable.. and its reference


Nov 19, 2012

hey as every1 has suggested me .... gtx650 or HD7750, bt none have suggested me of which company like Asus or gigabyt or msi or ati.......

& i loved the way yew said that i must first thnk what iam gng to do with it & i should think twice before spending money .....

and i will play games ( at max setting ) or vill do usual video converting..

vil be downloading movies/games/songs via. internet

or vil watch high resolution movies like 1080p

and i vil play games like nfs the run , prince of persia- the forgoten sands, far cry and like this games

so ..... what according to u should i get for me ??

what would be suitable for me ???
Well, since you list Far Cry, you might find this article helpful:,3379.html
Going by this, if you want to play at "max" settings, you will indeed need to spend some money.
See whether your video program works best with nVidia or AMD cards. Then choose a GTX670 or HD7970.
As to the company, I'd probably choose MSI, XFX, Sapphire, or HIS (but NOT their base models). I've had poor luck with Asus cards (2/4 died within hours or days of first use), and have not owned Gigabyte.
Gigabyte boards are good, except for coil whine. Most people's GB coil whine complaints are regarding graphics cards, though for me it's motherboard. If you go down the 7970 route, I'd advise avoiding Sapphire. I've owned three, and all three died within 6 months after warranties expired (the first died on the same month the warranty ended! Bit suspicious...).

Plenty of people will have had good experiences with them of course (or they'd be out of business by now!) but a lot of hardware enthusiasts upgrade before that point anyway. For me, it's 3/3 - 100% failure rate. I'd personally take the GTX670 anyway without a doubt. But if you do take the 7970, MSI is a strong choice.

EDIT: MSI is a good choice for GTX670 too by the way.


Nov 19, 2012

oh my god... i just searched over here in india

GTX 670 is of 28K INR
HD 7970 is of 34k INR :'( :crying

what can i do now ?

how is this GPU??? " MSI AMD R7850 Power Edition 2GD5/OC "

my frnd told me to get this1, he suggested me!!

how is it ??
It's much, much slower.

7970 > 7950 > 7870 > 7850.

Why not the GTX670? That looks like a good price. There wouldn't be any noticeable benefit to a 7970, except in select games. Other games faster on the GTX670. Overall, there's very little to justify the extra 6000 of the 7970.
I have also had good results from MSI/nVidia cards, and from XFX/AMD cards. I had 2/4 failures from Asus, so as good as their mobos are, I'm not as confident in their graphics cards.

From the GPU hierarchy chart, HD7970 > GTX670 = HD7950 > GTX660Ti = HD7870 > GTX660 = HD7850 > GTX650Ti > HD7770.
If you're willing to turn a few settings down, even the bottom card(s) can play games on "Medium" settings; if you look at the image quality, it seems to me that a good game will be enjoyable on lowered settings. After all, even great graphics can't save a lousy game.


Nov 19, 2012

totally agreed!!

hey bt today i recived a mail from one of my friend that Gtx have some special technique called " PHYSIX "

i googled it, bt didnt get much :whistle:

so could any1 explain what is it & which GPU should i select at last....

am so damn confused :pfff:

am getting mad..... how long is it going to select an GPU ?????????? ( frusted)
PhysX is a technology only available through NVIDIA cards because NVIDIA created it. Its things like buildings breaking apart, particles splattering like in borderlands 2 and just stuff that adds to the experience of the game. If it were me, I'd get a I5 3570K and a 680


Dec 14, 2012
Go a GTX670, i have a Gainward Phantom edition. My PC is nearly the exact same as yours except for mobo and maybe ram (16gb of 2133mhz ripjawz)

I can run anything maxed out at 1080p with 50+fps so its very playable.
Far cry 3 runs perfectly, just dont use anti aliasing
Remember that the OP will be doing video conversion, not just playing games, so the i7 may be justified. If that means there's only enough money left for a GTX660Ti or HD7870, no problem; all modern games will play with enjoyable settings on those cards.
Like Rockdpm said, PhysX is a nVidia-only technology that provides enhanced physics-effects in those FEW games that use it. Most games do not. I have one older game that has it; it's really not a big deal.
Borderlands 2 uses PhysX. I use a Radeon and was a bit disappointed to miss out on it. There's actually about 30 games that use it (on the list I saw anyway, there may be more), but Onus is right that it's not a huge selling point, just a nice feature to have. nVidia will likely get more game developers involved with it in the future (nVidia actually acquired a company called Ageia to get their hands on PhysX so makes sense for them to market it).


Nov 19, 2012
hey guy , sorry to say bt i already own that i7-3770k

& the above configuration is also bought'd ( i already paid for it )

so i just want an GPU.....

and guyz plz specify the brand before the product like... gigabyte, HIS, sapphir , zotac or Nvididia, ATI, AMD

and what does "TI" means ??? ( sum1 said above that 660TI ) :O :?

so what according to you should i take ??

shall i fix an Nvidia gtx card ???

and if possible please search on the website below & give an GPU suitable for me


the only reason is .... i will know which brand & what Chipset Manufacturer are yew talking about.